• Online Lessons (Via Skype or Facetime) locally and out-of-State.
  • Music & Movement Classes (Asbury Preschool, Alice In Wonderland Day Care Center, and Little Wonders Child Care Services, Durham, NC))
  • Piano Classes & Drum Line Classes (Voyager Academy, Durham, NC)
  • Group Piano Classes (Faith Assembly Christian Academy, Durham, NC)
  • Private Music Lessons with Clients with Special Needs (PHP, Durham, NC)
  • Group Piano Classes & Private Music Lessons (The Church Of The Apostolic Revival, Durham, NC)




We Teach: 

  • Voice/Singing Lessons
  • Vocal Coaching
  • Piano/Keyboard
  • Woodwinds 
  • Brass 
  • Violin
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Drums/Percussion
  • Songwriting


Over the years, our MBMS Staff has taught group classes and private music lessons off of the studio premises in numerous Off-Site Locations:   

 Interests/Areas of Study:

  • A Thorough knowledge of his/her instrument
  • Proper Playing Techniques
  • Rhythm and Melody
  • Scales and Exercises to increase dexterity and agility
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Sight-Reading
  • Ear-Training
  • Build repertoire
  • Prepare for auditions 
  • Brush-up on band materials 

off-site locatiONS

Music Beyond Measure Studios

1738 Hillandale Rd, Suite 204-B

Durham, N.C. 27705

Email: andrea@musicbeyondmeasure.com

Office: (919) 294-8413


Our Online Lessons (Via Skype or Facetime) are offered to students off-site, anywhere in the world, with the use of a computer, tablet, or mobile device.  Taking Online Lessons is a convenient way of taking one-on-one private music lessons online, without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Group Instruction is Offered in the Following Areas:

  • Beginner Group Piano - Students learn how to play 5-finger melodies in the right hand, basic theory, rhythm, hand-eye coordination, sight-reading, and ear-training. 

  • Beginner Group Guitar - Students learn how to hold the guitar, coordinate chord fingering in one hand, and strumming or plucking in the other hand, how to tune the guitar, basic theory, and recognizing musical symbols. 

  • Children's Vocal Ensemble ("Voices Beyond Measure") - Emphasis is placed on tone, range, diction, stage presence, proper breathing techniques, basic theory, ear-training, rhythm and melody.

Our Private Lessons are one-on-one lessons, between the student and the instructor, and are personalized to meet the individual musical goals of every student as he/she progresses at his/her own pace.  Lessons are generally 30-minutes, 45-minutes, or 1-hour in duration, depending on the level of experience and/or the need of the student.  Each student has the opportunity to perform in student recitals, concerts, and other performance opportunities. 

MBMS offers Group Lessons to both children and adults.  These classes are held in a group-like setting, where students are grouped together according to age, skill level, and ability.  Each class consists of 3 - 6 students per group.  Students have the opportunity to perform in studio recitals either individually, as a duet, or as a group at least twice a year.

MBMS offers Private Lessons, Duet Lessons, Group Classes, and Online Lessons throughout the year to both Children and Adults, ages 4 to 104.  All skill levels are welcomed.


MBMS incorporates Duet Lessons in the program.  These lessons involve two students with similar levels of experience.  They learn to sing or play instruments together as a duo or pair.  The lessons are either 30-minutes or 45-minutes in duration.

Advantages of Participating in Group Lessons:

  • A wonderful introductory class for students who would eventually like to take private, one-on-one lessons with an instructor.
  • Students can encourage one another to achieve their goals.
  • Builds confidence.
  • Promotes good self-esteem.
  • A great refresher for returning students.